The few short centimetres of each piece are transformed into a creative space where the artistic spirit and functionality naturally go hand in hand. Designed as a coherent universe, each emerges from the intimate dialogue between the artist and the piece, in a process in which light plays a starring role. Light is the raison d’être for an object created to make it appear and disappear and is also the element used by the artist to paint each piece. Thanks to the special properties of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, which multiply light with their many facets, this light brings shape and colour to the craftsman's designs, specially created for each switch. A symbolic landscape made from more than 800 crystals, all carefully hand-set by the artist, with nature as their great source of inspiration.

“Jewels of light” condenses this continually expanding universe into a limited series of 500 signed and numbered pieces. A precious object whose mission is to bring the secret of light to your home.

“Crystals never cease to amaze me…They can’t be completely controlled. It’s as if they were alive. “
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